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great speed and reliability

There are so many web hosting providers out there, it can be difficult to compare the range of features that each one offers. But don't worry! We're here Web Design Southampton for you with this handy guide on what to look for in a web hosting service and how you'll know if they're right for your business needs.

The answer depends on what you want the website to do .The more people that use it, the faster it should be. If people can't access your site, then they can't buy your product or service, so make sure it is reliable and safe.


The website needs to load quickly for customers because they might not come back if it takes too long.


It needs to work all of the time so people know that when they type in a URL, they will get somewhere good and not have any problems getting there.


If you get lots of traffic, you need a host that can handle more visitors without slowing down or getting stuck with too many tasks at once.

How fast will my site load?

Evaluating a hosting service’s speed means measuring how quickly your content loads in your site visitors’ browsers, no matter where they are. If your site’s files are hosted on just one server, in one place, then visitors will see slower and slower page loads the further they are from your server.

The solution to your problem is to store and send your files in a CDN. A CDN will distribute files across data centers all around the world, and your visitors can get them from the closest center. This way, people who visit your site will not have long wait times for anything.

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Webflow has a way to distribute your files.
This makes it so that all pages on your site load quickly for everyone, no matter where in the world they are.


Webflow hosting processes over 4.1 billion page views a month. That’s 3x more than CNN.com and BBC.com, combined.

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Fastly is software that helps you to show your website faster. Your site will load faster.  (TTFB)

Fastly delivers your HTML documents, and it is very fast. This is important because it tells the browser what other files they need, like images and CSS. Webflow use a second CDN to make sure that these files are delivered really fast. Webflow has worked on making sure that the first byte of information arrives at a user's computer really quickly so they have a better experience when looking at our website.

This is often overlooked by tools that measure how fast a site loads. But there is good reason to believe it will affect your website's rankings. In an article by Moz, the author says that there is a link between how fast a site loads and its ranking on search engines. This makes sense because it takes less time for someone to find your page.

How  Amazon Web Services to accelerate site content loading time.

CDN, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloudfront, delivers your site's assets from more locations. This will make videos and images load quickly.


Will my site crash if it goes viral?

What happens if your site gets more people on it? If your server falls over, you have problems. You need to make sure that it can handle lots of traffic. Webflow is a web hosting company. Their servers are always running, so they can handle the traffic. Webflow has help from Fastly and Amazon EC2.

Webflow has a lot of sites that get over a million pageviews. They work without any problems.

Reliability is important

What will happen when my internet goes down?

The website is useless if it does not load. You should look for a service that guarantees 99.99% reliability, because outages are bad and they damage your brand. Cheap hosting can be unreliable and expensive to your brand since you are hosting files with other people in the same space. Webflow pride ourselves on our uptime and last year we had 1 minutes of downtime, which means we have 99.999% uptime on average each year. You can check out web historical performance at: status.webflow.com

Security & HTTPS/SSL

Ever notice the difference between websites with URLs that start with http:// and those that start with https://? The S in https:// means that all communication between you and the website is securely encrypted. Some browsers may still show the “https://” part of your domain in the address bar, while others like Chrome will display a lock icon.

To keep your personal information safe, you need to use an SSL certificate. This is used for websites that collect data in forms or when exchanging money. You should also use it for websites with a search engine. Google says if you don't use this type of certificate, then your website will not rank as high and people's personal information will be at risk.

Webflow offers free SSL certificates for all of the websites that are hosted in Webflow, so that visitors can feel safe when they enter their information into your site. This will help you rank higher in a search.

Want to know how much we trust Webflow hosting?

We put a lot of thought and effort into making Webflow hosting one the the best hosting services out there. We’ve seen Webflow-using businesses like Kisi grow their organic traffic by over 300%, while also supporting thousands of requests per second for businesses like Eventbrite.

Eventbrite launched a festival page on Webflow. They received 10,000 requests every second and over 3 million views in just one hour. The hosting was not slow at all.

We believe in hosting webflow so much that we use it for our own websites. The sites get lots of visitors from all over the world, and they have done well.

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